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Coverage: DreamHack Open Austin 2017

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DreamHack returns to Austin. This city will be a platform for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament for the second year in a row, but this time there will be not only American teams, but ones from Europe, too.

Tournament policy:

The Texas city of Austin will be the venue of another DreamHack tournament from 28-30 April. Eight teams from Europe and America will fight for the prize fund and the championship.

The group stage will be played in a GSL system, and the Upper Bracket matches will be best-of-one, while the Lower Bracket ones will use a best-of-three format. The two best teams from each group will advance out to the playoff which will feature a best-of-three single-elimination format. 

Prize fund: $100,000

1 place — $50,000 ( Gambit Gaming)

2 place — $20,000 ( Immortals)

3-4 place — $10,000 ( G2,  Heroic)
5-6 place — $3,000 ( HellRaisers,  Cloud9)
7-8 place — $2,000 ( Liquid,  Luminosity)


 HellRaisers [0:2] Heroic @bo3 (2:16 @Nuke, 11:16 @Inferno)
 HellRaisers [7:16] Gambit @Nuke
 HellRaisers [16:8]  Luminosity @Overpass

Group stage:

 Group A

 16:8   HellRaisers    
     7:16   Gambit
 25:23   Gambit  
  Luminosity  0:2   Heroic
 0:2   Heroic  

Group B

 16:11   Immortals    
  Team Liquid    
     16:7   Immortals
  G2 Esport      
 10:16   Cloud9  
  Team Liquid  1:2   G2 Esport
 1:2   G2 Esport  
  G2 Esport    



 HellRaisers  Cloud9  G2 Esports  Gambit












 Immortals  Team Liquid  Luminosity  Heroic









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