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DreamHack Open Austin 2017 details revealed

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The second of the nine DreamHack Open tournaments will take place in the city of Austin, USA, from April 28 to 30. The total sum of the prize fund is $100,000.

Eight teams will fight for the championship of Austin — six directly invited teams and two qualified ones. 

The tournament's system is pretty simple. The teams have been divided into two groups of 4 teams, and only the two best teams will advance to the playoff. The group stage will use a GSL system. All matches, except for the Lower Bracket ones, will be played in a best-of-one format, while the rest — in best-of-three.

Group А Group B
  HellRaisers   Immortals
  Gambit   G2
  Heroic   Cloud9
  Luminosity   Liquid


The playoff stage will feature a best-of-three single-elimination format. The winner of the tournament will receive a half of the prize fund.

You'll be able to see the schedule in more detail and also follow the tournament in our coverage which will be posted on our website in the run-up to the tournament.

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