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Fantastic five: Legendary moments in CS:GO history

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1.  olofmeister vs  Dignitas

EventESL One Cologne 2014

It was the semi-final of ESL One Cologne 2014 where Fnatic faced off against Dignitas. The second map turned out to be intense and at a 14:14 score olofmeister decided to find the strongest — he or the molotov's fire. Success is never blamed.

2.  Fnatic vs  EnVyUs

EventESL One Cologne 2015

Exactly one year has passed since Fnatic made it into the final in Cologne. It took the teams a lot of time to find the strongest one on the first map then. In overtime, the Swedes secured two rounds and decided to try the 4 AWPs strategy. The French could hardly predict that, and when apEx decided to check the enemy's spawn, he saw something that probably changed him forever.

3.  s1mple vs  Fnatic

EventESL One Cologne 2016

A year later. Germany was hosting the major tournament again. You remember this moment for sure. Legends aren't born, they are made. The boost of energy s1mple gave to his team in that round left Fnatic no chance at all. There was no limit to the amusement of Team Liquid's fans.

4.  Fnatic vs  LDLC

Event: DreamHack Winter 2014

The legendary boost by olofmeister and scandalous comeback of Fnatic from a 3:12 score will be rememered for a long time. Indeed, the ironical sign saying "The climbing of this railing is prohibited" has been added to CS:GO.

Having failed the first half on the attacking side, Fnatic pulled their game changer out and made a surprise to the French. LDLC couldn't understand where they were getting shots from, and then, having found themselves under the pressure of unfairness, lost the map. The scandal went the round of the whole esports world, LDLC made a petition, and a huge quarrel between the supporters and opponents of such a boost happened on the forums.

As a result, the legendary comeback can't be called complete, since the judges of DreamHack considered it unallowable and gave the Swedes a forfeit defeat on the first map. 

5.  coldzera vs  Team Liquid

Event: MLG Columbus 2016

The semi-final turned out to be intense for the Brazilians from LG. Team Liquid reached a match point at a 15:9 score. It seemed as though the Americans could celebrate a victory already, but coldzera had another plans. Perhaps, this was the situation after which Team Liquid couldn't get over. This way or another, the map ended with a 19:15 score in Luminosity's favor, and coldzera got his own graffiti which he well deserves.

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