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CSGOPolygon — A New Partner of HellRaisers!

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We're pleased to announce our new partner — CSGOPolygon.comSee for yourself how straightforward the service is: CSGOPolygon generates random numbers in such a way that everyone can check the code and assure himself of the system's transparency.

Trade your in-game skins for coins and bet on random events in the roulette!

Create a room with the Coin Flip mode, make a bet with the coins and wait for an opponent. A random lot will define the winner!

In order to let you earn more coins, CSGOPolygon has created a referral system. Go to the Promo Code tab to create your personal referral link. Invite your friends and receive coins for both inviting them and for each bet they make. Use the promo code "HellRaisers" and get some surprising bonuses!

The full functionality of the service will be available after you login with your Steam account.

CSGOPolygon.com will open the world of excitement for you. The world where reliability, honesty and simplicity of the service leave no doubt and the game's outcome depends on your luck only. Try CSGOPolygon.com and see for yourself!

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