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HellRaisers lose to Fnatic

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 HellRaisers [10:16]   Fnatic @Cobblestone

Our five started the first map on the attacking side. After losing both the first pistol round and the first buy round, ANGE1 and Co did find a correct approach to the opponent and began taking rounds — they had managed to get six points by the side switching. In the second half, Fnatic got a match-point just by a single streak, though the Swedes managed to win it only on the fifth try. 16:10 in Fnatic's favor.

 HellRaisers [14:16]  Fnatic @Cache

Cache started for HellRaisers on the attacking side, too. Our guys lost the first pistol round, but from the first buy round they seized the initiative and kept it until the side switching which took place at a 11:4 score in HR's favor. The Swedes made a true comeback in the second half, though. Eventually all 30 rounds were played, and Fnatic were the ones celebrating the victory.


 Coach of team HellRaisers  Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov:

«Unfortunately, for the second time in a row, we played the first map at EPL rather lacking concentration. We began making lots of mistakes on the second map after a good first half. I don't know the reason yet, but it feels like we play online with much less intensity than at LAN or bootcamp. It's a pity that such important points are lost. We'll do our best to win the rest of the matches with a 2:0 score to make it into the LAN finals in Dallas».

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