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HellRaisers to face off against Fnatic

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 HellRaisers vs  Fnatic  13.04, 19:00 CET @Cobblestone

 HellRaisers vs  Fnatic  13.04, 20:10 CET @Cache

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, STYKO, Zero, bondik, DeadFox
 fnatic: olofmeister, dennis, KRiMZ, flusha, JW

HellRaisers continue fighting within one of the biggest CS:GO leagues. Today our players will go up against Fnatic.

Our opponent didn't manage to fully implement his plant at SL i-League StarSeries Season 3. Although, the Swedes advanced out of the group with a 3:2 score, they lost to Natus Vincere (1:2) in the quarterfinal. Now flusha and Co need to earn points in every game, if Fnatic want to make it into the playoff to fight for $750,000. For sure the Swedes are eager to show their strength, but our players will be satisfied only with a victory. 

The last meeting with Fnatic on Cobblestone ended with a victory of our team (16:13). Our team won on Cache in the last seven games against such teams as North, FaZe, Kinguin and mousesports. We expect to see interesting and spectacular CS and wish HellRaisers earn such essential points! 

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