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HellRaisers vs FaZe: Fight for the Grand Final

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 HellRaisers vs  FaZe Clan  09.04, 11:00 CEST @bo3

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, STYKO, Zero, bondik, DeadFox

 FaZe Clankarrigan, NiKo, allu, rain, kioShiMa

HellRaisers have beat the Danes from North in an intense fight, and today our players are going to meet with FaZe Clan again. The European team has managed to outplay the French from G2 and now is full of championship ambitions, while HellRaisers in turn have gained momentum and are fully ready to show karrigan's team stunning CS.

All players of our five have got into excellent shape. Feeling such support of the fans in the audience and on the streams, HellRaisers see only one goal — to win. Indeed, our opponent is showing a flexible and confident play and skill isn't something the FaZe players lack, so the fight for the final will be tough, and therefore spectacular! 

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