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HellRaisers in top 15 of hltv.org rating

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A monthly update of the hltv.org rating has brought HellRaisers a pleasant surprise — an intense month has finally delivered benefits. And that's not only tickets to a few LAN finals, but also a big boost in the team rating according to hltv.org. In only a month the HellRaisers players managed to improve their situation by eight positions, thus having left the French dream team G2 behind and come very close to the top 10!

ANGE1 and Co are taking part in the LAN finals of StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 right now. The result achieved at the Kiev tournament will surely affect the team rating, and that's why HellRaisers do need your support to beat NiP and Fnatic and make it into the top 10!

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