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Three more points for HellRaisers

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 HellRaisers [16:13]  North @Cache

The teams started the battle on Cache. The defense side, the one ANGE1 and Co was on, began pretty well. Our guys managed to take a pistol round and earn a good advantage, but after a short while the Danes seized the initiative and leveled the score. HR began the second half with a loss in a pistol round, but the first buy round let them return control over the game's course and end the first map with a victory.

 HellRaisers [10:16]  North @Mirage

The second map was Mirage where our five started on the attacking side. HR faced a solid defense of the Danes in the first half, but managed to find its gaps and take 6 points. The game went worse in the second half, though, where the North players acted really well and quite rapidly took rounds. HellRaisers couldn't stop the Danes and lost the map — 10:16.

 Coach of team HellRaisers  Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov:

«We made lots of mistakes on the first map playing the CT side and didn't feel confident enough in the first half in general. After a good beginning, bondik took an excellent clutch which lifted our spirits, but then we lost a good comeback. We looked rather week on the T side on Mirage, unfortunately. Indeed, North showed a very powerful play themselves. There was a chance for a comeback in the second half, but in a key situation we failed a 5 vs 2 round. A draw with North is a good result, but we wanted a better one. We'll keep working. Thank you for support».

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