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SL i-League StarSeries S3 details announced

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The LAN finals of SL i-League StarSeries S3 are about to begin. The organizers of the tournament have revealed the final seeding and pairings for the first matches. Our team will begin its road at the tournament with a meeting against FaZe. The match's format will be best-of-1. The event itself will run from April 4-9 in National Palace of Arts "Ukraina". 

First pairings

 HellRaisers vs  FaZe
 Astralis vs  CLG
 Virtus.pro vs  MVP Project
 SK vs  TyLoo
 Natus Vincere vs  5POWER
 NiP vs  G2
 North vs  Immortals
 Gambit  vs  fnatic


The final stage of the tournament will run in two stages. The play-off, which is going to be the first stage, will use the Swiss system. All matches will be best-of-1, and the best eight teams will proceed to the play-off. The stage itself will use a classic Olympic system with elimination after one loss. The total prize fund of the tournament is $350,000.

You can find all information about the tournament in the coverage which will be available on our website prior to the LAN finals.

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