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Fantastic Five: Best Ninja Defuses in CS:GO history

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1.  Snax vs  FaZe 

Event: IEM Katowice 2016

Let's start with a highlight that practically everybody, who is interested in professional CS:GO, knows. Snax is a true Polish ninja who bypasses obstacles and defuses bombs. Having passed through the FaZe players, he heard those very sounds and did what all Polish players wanted him to do.

2.  KRiMZ vs  TSM

EventELEAGUE Season 1 (2016)

KRiMZ seemed to have become invisible for TSM in this highlight. A terrorist walked by paying no attention, our hero greeted him, but cold-bloodedly left the enemy alive and moved on. Why would you need a smoke if nobody can see or hear you?

3.  Arya vs  Team Liquid

EventHTCReborn 10k Invitational (2015)

Sometimes all professionals have left to do is sit in a corner and hope his position won't be seen. That's what Arya did, having punished Team Liquid for the inattention. They rushed as strong as they could to stop him from defusing, but it was too late!

4.  Kjaerbye vs  EnVyUs

Event: DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016

It's very important to set a pace at the beginning of the map. Kjaerbye was the only one alive, and the French looked for him throughout the whole Inferno. The Dane though was very close to the bomb and didn't lose such a chance!

5.  coldzera vs  paiN

Event: ECS Season 2 NA Development League (2016)

Sometimes one man is enough. Especially if you're coldzera. The Brazilian showed paiN a master class, having sneaked to the bomb making no noise. What happened next? See it for yourself!

The fourth episode of «Fantastic Five» is over, but our series will continue and we hope you liked it! Leave your feedback in the comments below, we'll consider it in the future episodes!

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