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Coverage: BD csgopolygon Season 1

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A small online tournament will get the best teams together. Our players are on board and ready to fight.


Tournament Policy:

The tournament will run from 26 March to 2 April. 16 teams will fight for $20,000. The group stage will use a GSL system with a best-of-one match format. Two best teams from each group will advance to the play-off. The decisive stage will be played in a Single Elimination system with a best-of-three format.

Prize fund:

1 place  $12,000

2 place  $5,000

3-4 place — $1,500

Schedule (CET):

 HellRaisers [16:4]  Team Kinguin @Cache
 HellRaisers [16:5]
 zzz (ex. Preparation) @Cache

Group stage:

Group A

 10:16   Tricked    
     16:12   Tricked
 17:19   Team LDLC  
  Team LDLC      
      Team LDLC    
  aTTaX  24:28   PENTA
 11:16   PENTA  

Group B

 16:5   HellRaisers    
     16:4   HellRaisers
  Team Kinguin      
 16:12   Team Kinguin  
      Team Kinguin    
  zzz  7:16   Epsilon
 10:16   Epsilon  
Group C
 16:13   iGame.com    
     16:11   iGame.com
 14:16   Vega Squadron  
  Vega Squadron      
      Vega Squadron    
  OnceAgainst  8:16   FlipSid3
 16:9   FlipSid3  
Group D
 16:11    PRIDE    
  Red Reserve    
     11:16   Space Soldiers
  Binary Dragons      
 5:16   Space Soldiers  
  Space Soldiers      
  Red Reserve  16:14   PRIDE
 16:5   Red Reserve  
  Binary Dragons      


 HellRaisers  Team LDLC  FlipSid3 Tactics   PENTA















 Rogue  zzz  Team Kinguin  iGame.com








  Epsilon eSports  aTTaX  Space Soldiers  Vega Squadron













  Red Reserve  PRIDE  OnceAgainst  Tricked

 bld V





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