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Make it in a new HellRaisers fragmovie!

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We begin picking up your highlights. The best of the best will make it into the HellRaisers fan movie. Your highlight will be chosen by the HellRaisers players! What are the requirements?

  • Highlight where you show your CS:GO skill.
  • HellRaisers sticker (team or personal) on a weapon you got the highlight with.

If you meet the requirements, then follow the next instructions: 

  1. Upload your demo on dropmefiles.com. Bear in mind that the file's format should be *.dem. Storage time should be 14 days.
  2. Send a message to [email protected], having attached a link to the demo file and information about yourself: your nickname and country. Also make sure to briefly describe your highlight, mention the time, round or tick of the highlight itself.

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