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HellRaisers continue fighting for StarSeries

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 HellRaisers vs Spirit  16.03, 17:00 CET @bo3

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, STYKO, Zero, bondik, DeadFox
 Team Spirit: COLDY, S0tF1k, DavCost, kibaken, Dima

HellRaisers have beat eFuture.dk and now there are the Team Spirit players getting in the way to the LAN finals of StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3. Our enemy defeated mousesports in the first round. It can't be called a lucky victory, since Spirit won another strong team such as GODSENT, too, but that took place within ESEA Premier Season 24 Europe. 

It's getting clear that the Russian team is in excellent shape, and the upcoming meeting will be a true esports battle. 

However, our players are gaining momentum too. HellRaisers have taken points in the last three meetings at ESL Pro League Season 5. Zero showed a very high individual result in the last match against Heroic — 1,99 rating (27:6), the other players were rather self-collected, too. We're waiting for a spectacular series and a victory of our players, since there's simply no right for mistakes at these qualifiers. 

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