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HellRaisers beat eFuture

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  eFuture.dk
(12:16 @Cobblestone, 16:9 @Cache, 16:7 @Mirage)

The battle started on the rival's pick, Cobblestone. HR began on the T side and faced quite rough defense of the enemy. The Danes rapidly gained an advantage, but HellRaisers did manage to find gaps in the opponent's defense and by the side switching they had closed the gap to a minimum. The second half started with a won pistol round, but individual moves of the Danish players let them win a force-buy and take control over the map. HellRaisers couldn't seize the initiative, and so the game ended with a 16:12 score in eFuture's favor.

The HR players began their pick, the Cache map, on the attacking side. Having started with a small winning streak, HellRaisers eventually lost the initiative and let the enemy level the score. By the side switching HR had managed to gain only a one round advantage. The second half ran a lot more successfully — the Danes didn't manage to take a pistol round and by the end of the map they had won only two rounds. 16:9, the game's fate was to be decided on the third map.

HellRaisers began Mirage on the CT side and let the game run rather rapidly. A taken pistol round resulted in a loss in the first buy round, but HR kept control over the game and went on earning points. By the side switching eFuture.dk had bounced back a little — the first half ended with a 9:6 score in HellRaisers' favor. In the second half, HellRaisers gave the enemy no chances for a victory and confidently ended the meeting with a victory on Mirage with a 16:7 score.

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 Player of team HellRaisers  Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk:

«We're beating the Danes with a 2:1 score. They did rather well on Cobblestone. It was our fault, too — we shouldn't have let them break our play and seize the initiative. We'll fix that. The other two maps ran exactly as told. As a result, 16:9 and 16:7. Thank you for your support, we'll keep fighting!»


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