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HellRaisers on the way toward ECS Season 3

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The organizers of Esports Championship Series have announced the regulations of the third season. As well as in the second season, the tournament will begin with an open qualifying stage in which every team may take part. HellRaisers don't miss a chance to make it into the tournament — our team will also participate in the open qualifier. 

Teams will be able to play two qualifying stages in the European region. The first one will run from February 18-19, and the second one — from 25-26. Following the results of the qualifiers, the best teams playing in the Development League will be found. The Development League matches will be played from 28 February through 16 March. Based on the results of this stage, the best pair will be defined to play against Virtus.pro and Fnatic for a slot in the third season of Esports Championship Series. 

At the moment the organizers haven't provided any additional information about the tournament. Neither the date nor the prize fund is known yet. However, considering the fact that in the first and second seasons the 3,5 million dollars prize fund was played out, there shouldn't be any doubts about the tournament's scale. 

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