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HellRaisers to go against LDLC at EPL Season 5

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 HellRaisers vs  Team LDLC  09.02, 21:20 @Nuke
 HellRaisers vs 
 Team LDLC  09.02, 22:30 @Cache

 HellRaisers: Johnta, STYKO, Zero, bondik, DeadFox
 Team LDLC: Ex6TenZ, to1nou, ALEX, mistou, Maniac

HellRaisers will finally play their first official match after ELEAGUE Major 2017. Our players have returned home and are ready for even more serious training. Our today's opponent will be the Europeans from Team LDLC who have beat PENTA Sports and made it into a new season of ESL Pro League through a Relegation tournament.

The battleground won't be the strongest maps of our rival — 33% of victories in 6 matches on Nuke and a loss in the only Cache meeting — the statistics speaks for itself, however, our team will play without the captain and in-game leader — ANGE1. Kirill won't be able to play due to personal reasons. Johnta, our coach, will substitute him.

Do not worry, Ivan Shevtsov is doing his best to get prepared for the upcoming meeting and is ready to remember the times when he destroyed enemies under the HellRaisers tag himself. We're sure that just Johnta's participation in a match as a player makes the fight between HellRaisers and LDLC a must-have to watch!

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