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HellRaisers 2016 Results

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The New year is coming. Now, when HellRaisers have managed to make it in ELEAGUE Major 2017, we can say that the outgoing year is ending rather positively for our players. How did it start, though?

On 8 January, Zero joined the team, having replaced schneider. Patrik took a stand-in role, and at the time the team was getting ready for the upcoming minor tournament. At the very end of January, HellRaisers won a gold medal at PGL European Minor and got a slot in the decisive qualifiers for MLG Columbus 2016. However, our players lost the dramatic fight against Team Liquid with a 14:16 score on Dust 2, and thus lost a ticket to the Major.

After such a defeat the team underwent changes. kUcheR's place was being taken by smike and queztone. HellRaisers won a gold at Copenhagen Games 2016 with the latter, but queztone left the team on 21 April, and the organization signed bondik. A month before, the team was joined by legendary Ukrainian player Ami_R, who has become the analyst of the team.

On 7 May, HellRaisers won the European finals of ESEA Season 21: Premier and thus made it in an important tournament called ESL Pro League Season 4. 

A week later, our team took the second place at DreamHack Tours 2016 and again came to the qualifiers for the major, which would take place in Cologne. ANGE1 and Co. won their essential opponent — Team Dignitas — and there was only one map left to reaching the Cologne tournament, which HellRaisers didn't manage to get. The losses to OpTic and FlipSid3 left the team without the major again, and the fans — without new stickers.

In June, oskar became inactive, and left HellRaisers in August. Then, Sergey «LMBT» Bezhanov, who was the team's coach, left the team, too. The sports director position was taken by Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov. The team tried to play with smike again, but he was replaced by DeadFox on 15 September.

On 5 Octrober, HellRaisers announced the roster for the upcoming gaming season. 12 days later, EPICENTER: Moscow started in Moscow. Our team happened to be in the same group with Virtus.pro, Fnatic and SK Gaming. Our shooters ended the meetings with the Poles and Swedes in a draw and got to have a decisive match against the Brazilians from SK. The world champions didn't let HellRaisers get out from the group, but our team proved everyone, including themselves, that they're capable of beating the strongest opponents.

ESL Pro League Season 4 — Europe was about to end, HellRaisers finished 11th and locked down participation in the next season. 

In November, HellRaisers took the second place at the European PGL Regional Minor, having lost to GODSENT in the grand final. The team not only worked hard on their strongest maps, but prepared a lot of surprises for their opponents, which let them make it in ELEAGUE Major 2017.

HellRaisers got powerful, well-known teams, but first our players beat mousesports, and then the Swedes from Ninjas in Pyjamas. There was only one step left to the major, but how important it was. The fight against GODSENT was taken by pronax and Co., and then we had the next match against OpTic Gaming. A feeling of déjà vu: both teams had 2:1, a loss would mean being on the edge of leaving the tournament. The Americans had noticeably gained momentum for the last half a year and showed an excellent play. HellRaisers had to play the decisive match.

The crucial opponent of our players was Cloud 9. Intensive Overpass ended with a 16:13 score. HellRaisers did it! ELEAGUE Major 2017 won't run without HellRaisers. We could take a rest for a little bit, but very soon we'll have the new year. The HellRaisers players will have new, fighting weekdays. And we in turn will enjoy spectacular CS:GO again.

 CEO of HellRaisers  Maksym Bednarsky:

«Although 2016 wasn't the most successful year for our organization, it ended on a positive note. I hope that all our goals will be achieved in 2017. Moreover, very soon we'll announce CS:GO Academy, so stay tuned! All the best to you, our dear fans, cheer for HellRaisers! Who we are? HR!»



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