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HellRaisers Configs from ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier

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It's been nine days since the final offline qualifiers for ELEAGUE Major 2017, following the results of which HellRaisers made it in the major tournament. The sniper of our team, DeadFox, has made history by becoming the first professional player from Hungary taking part in the major. By the way, you can find interesting infographics from the qualifiers on our website.

We've prepared you for the latest configs of HellRaisers that they used during ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier.

To install a config of our player, you need to do three simple things:

  1. Download a config located below a player's avatar.
  2. Unzip a .cfg file to any place you want.
  3. Locate it in the game directory and replace the current one. 

Bear in mind that if you replace your config with our player's configs, you won't be able to restore yours. Save your own config in other folder in order to have an opportunity to play with it again. Also don't forget to subscribe to social networks of our players! Good luck and victories, dear fans!

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