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DeadFox has become history

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This night, the qualifiers for the anniversary Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major tournament have come to an end. 16 best teams had been fighting for 8 tickets for the most desired for every esportsman tournament — the major. It's noteworthy that ELEAGUE Major 2017, which will take place from January 22-29, will be the 10th major tournament in history.

Bence «DeadFox» Böröcz signed a contract with HellRaisers on 5 October 2016. At that moment he'd managed to play for HellRaisers a little as a stand-in and made a good showing. Since then, our Hungarian player has been becoming only stronger. Practice and excellent mutual understanding on the team helped him together with HellRaisers go through a tough minor tournament, having taken the second place there.

He and the rest of the HellRaisers members had to take part in the last and the most important battle — ELEAGUE Major Main Qualifier. HellRaisers began the qualifier with two wins — 16:6 against mousesports and 19:17 against Ninjas in Pyjamas. Then, there were two very intensive games, which our players didn't manage to win, although they didn't lose confidence in their strengths. The final match for the last quota ran against the American Cloud 9 team on Overpass, where HellRaisers turned out to be the one celebrating the victory with a 16:13 score.

During all three days of the qualifiers DeadFox was showing a fantastic performance and made as few mistakes as possible. Bence Böröcz has actually made it into history of competitive CS:GO as the first player from Hungary that managed to go to the major. And if you want to congratulate Bence personally — write to him on twitter mentioning him by @DeadFoxcsgo. He'll be pleased for sure. All players appreciate fans' support.

DeadFox's highlights:


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