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HellRaisers outplay Ninjas in Pyjamas

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 HellRaisers [19:17]  NiP @Overpass

Our five had a meeting with the Swedish Ninjas in Pyjamas team today. The teams played on Overpass. HellRaisers started on the defensive side and took the first pistol round. They had managed to earn a few more points before NiP got into the game themselves. By the side switching the initiative had been captured by the opponents — thus, the second half started with a 8:7 score in their favor. The second pistol round ended in the rival's favor, too. However, after that some uncertainty happened to take place on the map which lasted until the end of the match. The teams had to play additional rounds where HellRaisers turned out to be stronger. 19:17 — HellRaisers are one step away from making it in the major tournament.

 Coach of team HellRaisers  Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov:

«The match with NiP was very difficult. We knew it would be tough. We expected it to be either Cache or Overpass. It turned out to be Overpass. We had played against them within ESL Pro League before where we gave them a comeback from either 15:8 or 15:9. This time we knew we had to perform differently to win.

We started the CT side rather well. Then we began making lots of mistakes and ended up with a 7:8 score. We understood that it'd be our stronger side in this matchup. Having lost the pistol round and loosing as the meeting went, we realized which rounds would work. We changed our strategy a little and got to additional rounds. The guys were really focused on the game, especially DeadFox who took a few important clutches and let us reach the overtimes.

We tried really hard, but made many mistakes. We'll consider them in the next match. There's only one step left before the major».

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