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Maxim Bednarsky answered your questions

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During 10 days every reader of our website could ask Maxim Bednarsky about everything one may find interesting. We've picked the most interesting questions and will publish the answers. Enjoy reading!

m0rex: Hello, Maxim! How did you start forming a team and recruiting the staff? Was it difficult? Had you had experience before? Thank you.
Maxim Bednarsky: Hi! I had had good experience in other fields before, which weren't connected with esport. I didn't create it from scratch. Kirill was the one inviting the players, and at first the guys from SLTV helped a lot, and I'm really grateful for that. I've been bringing together people from different countries for the staff with an office in Kyiv.

Positive: 1) Would you like to get s1mple back? 2) What are the origins of the organization's name? 3) Will there be any autograph giveaway?
Maxim Bednarsky1) We might work with Sasha [s1mple] again. 2) Check out the first video on our YouTube channel, and I don't get why the views have decreased so much, so don't forget to subscribe. 3) In-game stickers? Yes, of course!

UberZold: Good day. I'd like to know if I can use your logo for a race car in the Asseto Corsa championship? There will be live broadcasts running, and I just don't want it to cause any problems.
Maxim Bednarsky: Good day. No, you can't.

KeyToLife: Hello! 🙂 I'd like to know when the HR merchandise will be available for purchase. Should we expect new rosters in other disciplines?
Maxim BednarskySoon we'll open our official store together with ESL Shop, so stay tuned. We always monitor promising players and teams in all disciplines.

ValerD: Will you sign a Dota 2 roster?
Maxim BednarskyYes, but, obviously, I can't say some concrete dates and nicknames. It is all in the process of negotiations.

onyPRZ: Hello! I've got three questions for you: 1. Do you think HellRaisers will make it into the ELEAGUE Major? 2. What are the origins of the organization's name? 3. Do you like anime?
Maxim Bednarsky1. The guys are to make it into the major, and they'll do their best to achieve this. 2. Check out the first video on our YouTube channel and don't forget to subscribe, there are English subtitles there. 3. The only anime series I really liked was Death note.

SkilaSk: Have you ever thought of creating Overwatch and League of Legends teams?
Maxim BednarskyOverwatch hasn't got firmly established as an esport discipline yet, maybe in a year. We're in negotiations with LoL teams.

wicker: Who makes decisions regarding team / roster changes, you or ANGE1?
Maxim Bednarsky We're drawing up a shortlist of suitable players, then test them in prac games and make a decision as a team. There are many factors we account besides shooting, placing and ranking.

Styko70: 1. Do you play CS:GO? If yes, could you tell us your rank? 2. Do you think Smike will get in a good team? 3. Do you practice any sport?
Maxim Bednarsky1. I used to play, and I was Legendary Eagle then, but this rank, unfortunately, cannot really show the skills of the player. 2. If Sergey works on himself, he'll get a big future in this game, he needs to learn a lot of things and become a more stable player in terms of both the game and mentality. Time will tell. 3. I go to a gym three times a week to keep in shape.

JuanDeg: 1. Can HR be a top 5 team? 2. Which was the best HR game you watched since the org was founded?
Maxim Bednarsky1. We aim at the highest results only, so that's what we're going for. The plan for 2017 is to constantly be in the top 10. 2. I can't mark a particular match, since I cheer and support the guys in every single round and in every gaming situation.

Laila662: If a player is doing badly at an event, what do you do? Do you have a word with him and see what he's facing and try to help him or give him the boot?
Maxim Bednarsky: You need to encourage the players. One tournament doesn't mean anything when it comes to a long term. Sometimes you need to show the players where mistakes were made, but that's what the coach does.

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