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HellRaisers True Fan Pack

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On pages of our social media you asked us many times to create an official group of HellRaisers on Steam. Well, here it is waiting for you, so hurry up to subscribe!

When you subscribe to our group, you'll be able to put the HellRaisers clan tag in your nickname and show your opponents the team you cheer for.

In order to do that, go to your CS:GO settings, find the Options tab, and then head to Game Settings. Done? All you have to do now is find the clan tag that is the same as the group's name.

Congratulations, now you're officially a part of HellRaisers. Do you think that's all? No, indeed, we won't let you go without a small present!

We bring to your attention our brand avatar which you can use for your profile and thus show your support to the team! The avatar itself is clickable, so click, save and set it on Steam right now!

Moreover, there is a Telegram chat available for English-speaking fans. Join, speak and support the team, it's fun here!

Make sure to subscribe to our social media to stay tuned!