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infographics: Map Rotation

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When oskar began to play for HellRaisers, he was talked about as a very successful sniper. Together with HR he approved himself at a few tournaments. It's noteworthy that before new Nuke became HellRaisers' map, he had had only two matches on this map, but rather special ones! One of them is the first one for the team, and it ended up with a victory.

It's interesting that while Tomáš was on the team, we played Overpass most of all, having mastered this map as much as possible. However, we shouldn't forget that all players of HellRaisers showed decent results on this map, too. We also want to mention Cache which was both one of the strongest and one of the least successful maps for our sniper.

Sergei «smike» Skliarenko played for HR as a stand-in for a while. Together with him the team took part in ESL Pro League Season 4, and it was Sergei who helped the team in Spring this year, when needed.

Sergei Skliarenko replaced oskar and continued the trends of his predecessor in terms of maps. And although he didn't play Overpass much, by the time he came, the map hadn't been that popular in our team already, so we can state that HR, then, just continued to play their map pool.

At the moment Bence «Deadfox» Böröcz is the sniper of our team. Since he joined the team, HellRaisers have managed to show decent performance at the EPICENTER: Moscow LAN finals and got a quota for the offline qualifiers for the next major tournament taking place in Atlanta. It's noteworthy that DeadFox began to play for HR after Inferno was taken away from the map pool. 

Together with Deadfox the Overpass map has returned in our team. However, this time HellRaisers haven't been choosing it that often. It'll be interesting to watch our sniper play on Inferno, if this map is added in the tournament map pool.

In conclusion. we should mark Cobblestone. Indeed, this is the map that has played out in fresh colours since the particular sniper joined the team. However, we have yet to see which maps HellRaisers will play next year.

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