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PGL European Minor Best Shots

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Our players started their road to ELEAGUE Major 2017 Main Qualifier from a loss to the Finns from ENCE on Cache (14:16). Judging by this picture, DeadFox has remembered his offender to get his own back later.

The next meeting against the Danes from Heroic would have become the fatal for our team, had it not been for ANGE1 and his brothers in arm who coped with the opponent, having ended the series with a 2:1 score. That's the map where bondik got his ACE — after that it's easy to lose self-belief, since Bondislav is a real danger.

Emotions after the victory over Heroic. Afterwards HellRaisers had a long and rough path.

In order to make it in the play-off, our players will have to take revenge upon ENCE. And our Hungarian sniper decided to "reward" the Finns for the loss. Unbelievable performance in the toughest situation brought our team a point.

A pleasant victory over the rival opened HellRaisers a road to the decisive stage of PGL European Minor. Our captain seems to be satisfied.

The first round of the play-off ran against the Turkish Space Soldiers team. The dangerous opponent didn't manage to stand against HellRaisers' pressure. One of the most spectacular moments of the meeting was the round when STYKO left the Turks no chances with his trophy AK-47.

Emotions — that's always exciting. And the last minor brought many of them.

ANGE1 was particularly good and dangerous at this tournament . Even young, but known XANTARES couldn't cope with the individual performance of the Ukrainian captain.

After the victory over the Turks we had the most important match — the battle for a ticket to the decisive qualifiers for ELEAGUE Major 2017. The opponent was tough, and the maps happened to be so intensive that even nerves of steel might not be able to stand. Luckily, the ending of the first map was taken by STYKO, who, having sneaked into the smoke, knifed pronax. That was a real thriller:

The captain's equanimity is one of the most important elements of successful team coordination. ANGE1 is an expert in this.

Decisive Cobblestone was taken by HellRaisers, too. The teams were so close to each other, that the match's outcome might have been of any type. Luckily, our ANGE1 showed how to do away with the opponents and win maps. Tidy shooting sent the Swedes to the lower bracket, and our team in turn reached the final qualifiers for the next major.

The joy of victory was seen on the faces of our guys:

Having successfully made it into the final qualifiers for ELEAGUE Major 2017, HellRaisers had to play for the championship title of PGL European Minor and $30,000 of the prize fund. The success of our guys on the first map was due to the entire team's work, but we can't omit mention of bondik, who would skilfully shoot off almost the entire Swedish squad.

A charge of adrenalin and strengthening of self-belief are consequences of the excellent shooting on Cobblestone.

STYKO wasn't behind bondik either. Thus, having found himself in a 1 vs 2 situation, Martin managed to cope with the two of GODSENT and take such an important round that let HellRaisers win the first map of the grand final.

On the second map, Mirage, our guys lost with a minimum difference of 13:16. However, there were enough highlights by our team such as the precise tactical play by bondik:

The strain was getting bigger. Look at STYKO's eyes saying both surprise and disappointment.

HellRaisers started the decider badly, but, having ended the first half with a 4:11 score, HellRaisers demonstrated real courage and bravery, got close to GODSENT and managed to bring the game to the overtime… But this time fortune turned away from our guys. Well, they showed decent results, though. There's a lot of work, practice and challenges of this season ahead, one of which is the fight of ELEAGUE Major. And now, just look at DeadFox sending the two Swedes to the next round with one bullet. 

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