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HellRaisers.CS:GO are the runner-up!

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  GODSENT @bo3
(16:14 @Cobblestone, 13:16 @Mirage, 14:16 @Cache)

In the decider of the European minor tournament, HellRaisers met GODSENT once again. The first map was HR's choice — Cobblestone. Our team started on the attacking side and, having lost the pistol round, HellRaisers took the first device round. The Swedes got a round in response right away and brought the economy of our guys down, though. Having stocked up for the second time, HellRaisers managed to win a round again, and this time they did keep the initiative. They had managed to get six more rounds before the side switching, which let them have seven rounds in reserve for the second half. The second pistol round was taken by the Swedes, again, but HR took the cost in the first device one. However, GODSENT were fighting until the end and ended up with taking a few more rounds. At a score of 14:11 in the Swedes' favor, HR got the second breath and earned five points in a row. 16:14, and HellRaisers take their pick.

HellRaisers began the second map, Mirage, on the CT side, and although they took the pistol round, the force-buy one was lost. As a result of that, the Swedes won a few important rounds. HellRaisers got into the game only at a 2:4 score. They managed to take a series of five rounds and after a small exchange to switch to the T side at a 9:6 score in their favor. The second half ran much worse — the Swedish defense was solid, and every round was difficult for HR to take. Indeed, HellRaisers wouldn't manage to take a streak of rounds not even once. The final score was 13:16, and the fate of the match was to be decided on the third map — Cache.

Thanks to the won knife round in the decisive map, HR started on the defensive side. GODSENT took the pistol round and developed the success, having turned it into a series of eight rounds. HellRaisers earned their first point on this map only on the ninth try. By the end of the first half they had managed to take a few more rounds and thus sewed up a needed minimum for the T side. The second half started with a 11:4 score in the Swedes' favor. In the second half, HellRaisers took the pistol round and began their comeback. They were closing the gap round by round, and weren't letting the rival take in the initiative. Unfortunately, at a 14:14 score a mistake was made by our guys, and they lost two rounds in a row. 14:16 — HellRaisers end up with the second place.

You can find the coverage of PGL European Minor on our website.

 Coach of team HellRaisers  Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov:

«We did our best to win, though a couple mistakes in clutch rounds in key moments, a few wrong calls and we're losing an important victory. Experience of such matches is essential for us. We'll analyze the mistakes and will become stronger. Thank you for your support».


Cheer for HellRaisers!