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Final battle of HellRaisers and Swedes

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 HellRaisers vs  GODSENT/  Epsilon — 06.11, 17:30 CET  @bo3

HellRaisersANGE1, STYKO, Zero, bondik, DeadFox
 GODSENT: pronax, flusha, Znajder, Lekr0, JW
 Epsilon: draken, BARBARR, REZ, freddieb, kalle

Our squad showed itself well in yesterday's meetings against Space Soldiers and GODSENT, but today we'll have the grand final. Whom will ANGE1 and Co. face off against? We can say for that that that's going to be Swedes! GODSENT and Epsilon are the ones fighting for a slot in the final qualifiers for the next major tournament and defining who's going to fight our guys.

GODSENT need no introductions — it was a real slaughterhouse yesterday, despite the fact Znajder showed an egregious level of playing, HellRaisers did manage to respond, too. Our skilled captain and unbelievable endings of both maps will be remembered by fans of the Swedish five for a long time. We're sure that GODSENT will be as motivated as possible to get their own back, but first they'll need to do away with Epsilon. And then there will be the fight the HellRaisers players are ready for.

Hardly anyone expected Epsilon to show decent CS and get that close to a ticket to the final qualifiers for ELEAGUE Major 2017, since only recently disco_doplan suddenly left the team. 

Having ended the group stage taking the first place, the Swedes made it into the play-off where in the first round met GODSENT. Although they lost Train with a 14:16 score, Epsilon beat all their rivals on Cache (21:16). However, Mirage didn't end up successfully for them (17:21). After that there was a meeting with the Turks from Space Soldiers, which they couldn't lose. Understanding they hadn't planned to leave PGL European Minor, Epsilon confidently outplayed the Turkish team on two maps and faced off against GODSENT again.

What to expect from Epsilon in case of a victory over the guys from GODSENT? A decent shooting and motivation to win their first serious trophy, and also vigour after getting their own back at GODSENT, if they do.

Nevertheless, it doesn't really matter for our guys whom to go up against, it is important that they win and raise a championship trophy.

You can find the coverage of PGL European Minor on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!