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HellRaisers.CS:GO in play-off

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  Heroic @bo3
(16:9 @Train, 10:16 @Nuke, 16:10 @Cobblestone)

The match started on the rival's map Train. HellRaisers began on the CT side and played an almost flawless half. Right from the first seconds of the game they managed to force their speed of the game, they also kept the initiative almost until the side switching. HellRaisers won the pistol round, the first and second device ones, having lost a point, and ended up with a score of 10:1 in their favor. At the time the rival got into the game and earned three more points. 11:4 and HR switched to the T side. The second pistol round was taken by our guys, too, though the first buy round of the second half went to the enemy. Heroic managed to develop this victory into four rounds, but after that HR seized the initiative again and took two remaining rounds. 

HellRaisers started their own map Nuke on the attacking side. The game was difficult — the enemy was doing his best and was literally getting even with the opponent for their own failure on the first map. They had taken a series of six rounds before lost the first point. In the seventh round the enemy's defense opened up for the first time, and HellRaisers began to close the gap. Eventually, the side switching took place at a 10:5 score in the enemy's favor. Our guys started the second half with the lost pistol round, in the first buy round, though, the HR players managed to win back, but Heroic didn't lose their advantage. The final score was 16:10 in the rival's favor.

The decider was Cobblestone. Our five started on the T side again, and the beginning turned out to be quite vigorous — HR took the pistol round, as well as following buy rounds. In the sixth round Heroic started to level the situation in the game. A series of rounds let them reach a temporal draw, 5:5, and at that their achievements on the defensive side ended. By the end of the first half HellRaisers had been getting rounds and entered the CT side having ten points. In the second half Heroic got the pistol round, but right in the first buy one HellRaisers earned their first point. A round exchange resulted in HR celebrating a victory with a 16:10 score! They had to meet ENCE in the next match, too.

 HellRaisers [2:0]  ENCE @bo3
(16:9 @Mirage, 16:11 @Cobblestone)

The decisive match ran against the Finnish ENCE team, too. Mirage was chosen to be the first map by the rivals. HellRaisers started the first map on the defensive side and took the first pistol round, but the first device one was taken by the enemy. At a score of 5:1 in HR's favor, the Finnish team started to close the gap, and by the side switching they had managed to earn 8 points. In the second half HR lost the pistol round, but after that took a force-buy and implemented a series of nine rounds. 16:9 — an excellent play on the T side brought our team a victory on the first map. 

The second map was Cobblestone. Our team started on the defensive side, again, but this time the Fines were much quicker. They managed to force their play and get 8 rounds literally at one stroke. Only at a 8:1 score HellRaisers started to resist and to gradually level the situation in the game. The guys entered the side switching having six points, which isn't the best result, but still good enough. Both on Mirage and Cobblestone the second half ran under the orders of our guys. At first they reached a temporal draw, and then got to a match-point, which was taken without any problems. 2:0 and HellRaisers make it in the play-off!

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 Coach of team HellRaisers  Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov:

«We were much more ready to play this match than the first one. After good Mirage, we started our own pick rather badly. But in the second half of the first side we got a mini comeback and later played the second half in an excellent way. Tomorrow we'll have a play-off match with the Turks, so now we're having a rest and setting up. Thanks for the support».

Cheer for HellRaisers!