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bondik answered your questions

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A little more than a week ago we collected your questions to Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk. Today Vladislav answered the most interesting ones. Enjoy reading!

FLINT: Hello. What do you think about oskar's leaving? What features would you like oskar's replacement to have? How did you get to know CS? Do you like being on HellRaisers? What do you study at the university? Tie or coffee, cake or pie? How well do you know Enlglish? Good luck in CS and your personal life!
bondik: Hi. I got really upset when oskar left the team. I sacrificed a lot to make it in the team I put high hopes on and I saw here a huge potential. All we needed, in my opinion, was time and practice. Now I'm studying a master's degree at the Vadym Hetman Kiev National Economic University. So, an economy is my area. 🙂 It's good enough to speak English with people, when it has nothing to do with some single-discipline terminology.

KeyToLife: Did you finally adjust to the team? Whom do you speak with the most? 
bondik: Unfortunately, I can't say I've got used to it completely. I've been on the team for two months so far, and out of these two months more than three weeks were a vacation, so the complete adaptation is still ahead. And I'll say that I take it all very seriously. Mostly I speak with Ivan, Kirill and Amiran.

m19_Nook: What's your motto? What advice would you give to the beginners? Do you get tired of CS:GO? What do you do when it happens?bondik: Actually, I have a few mottos. I'm a very conscientious person, so I'm always trying to treat people as I want them to treat me. That's why I pretty often answer the fans' questions on VK or on DM etc. As for the second motto, it's «if at first you don't succeed try, try and try again». I think if a person has a goal and he moves straight to it, he will achieve it sooner or latter. And so will I. You just have to do your best. Advice to the beginners — you can't get all at once, you need to achieve your goal gradually. But you have to go the right path, and everyone's got his own path. To tell the truth, I don't get tired of CS:GO. During the vacation I will just try to rest as much as possible.

RornTale: What's your favorite comic character? What's your favorite book besides the Bible?
bondik: Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of comics. And I don't get much time for books these days either. But I used to enjoy the works of Kurt, for example «Vonnegut Slaughterhouse-Five, or The Children's Crusade».

kirill.syrcov: Hello, Vladislav. Tell us please how you should practice in CS (individually and with a team). What features should the team leader have? And give advice how to start playing with a team at the pro level. What emotions help the player and what ones makes it worse in the game? How to make the team's and your own play more stable? What's your attitude towards esport being declared an official sport in Russia? Good luck in the team and more victories at the championships! 
bondik: Hi. You need to work with the team: grind your strategies on empty maps, trying to reproduce situations in the game against a real rival. It's work. Another work is your individual play. It consists of many elements such as shooting, understanding, knowledge, experience and so on. You need to try to improve all this. The team's captain must be the leader everyone would believe in. Before the pro level the team will get through a long path to make it in this "train". As I've said before, you need to start it all gradually. As for the emotions, I think it all depends on the players. They always helped me though, I like screaming after each taken round, boosting the moral of my team and suppressing the rival's one, I'm used to this. The more you do the same things, the better you perform. So, stability, in my opinion, comes with time. You can't have it at first, but everyone needs a will to get it. My attitude towards this is good. It means people start to consider esports more seriously, and thank God. Thanks for the wishes! 😉

D1xon: Did you regret about s1mple's leaving from the team, when you played on Flipsid3 Tactics?
bondik: At that time neither Sasha nor any other member of the team regretted anything. We went different roads, it happens. And it did a power of good to everybody.

adrenal1ne: Hi, Vlad. Tell me, a common pro cs player, how to make it into the pro scene? I'm 18 years pld, my fps is about 30-60 on de maps, and even with such an PC I beat DavCost in a AWP battle with the score of 16:5. I play really well on FACEIT, and sometimes I play even better than some players from the pro and start series. I have no opportunity to buy a new PC, but can attend LANs. What should I do?
bondik: 1×1 matches don't show anything, actually. You need to upgrade your PC anyway, so focus on this first. 😉 It's summer, so it won't be that hard to find a job. Good luck in your beginnings. 🙂

ZoX: Hello, when will your games start?
bondik: As for as I know, they should start in August.

lubos1: When did you start to play CS:GO or CS 1.6? 🙂 What was your first part-time job? 🙂
bondik: My career started in 1.6, we played rather well back then. When CS:GO came out, I didn't like the game much, so I didn't play it for a year and a half. But, having seen the major in Katowice, I realized that I needed those emotions. I was sure I would comeback. 🙂 I found a job in an auditing office and worked there until the end of a day after the university. It was a good practice, I remained satisfied, though it didn't bring me any big income. 

skalickyjoey: How did you feel after f3 beat you, was it really dissapointing to see your ex team beating your new team? And also tell us a bit about changes, how do you think you will play without oskar and what are your plans now? Thanks and good luck to you guys. 🙂
bondik: It was a pity, but I felt for some reason it should have been like that. We needed to end it with Optic Gaming at the score of 10:2 and didn't leave them a chance. We're going to find the fifth player and then we will be working hard.

KennySlav: Favorite food/drink?
bondik: I do like meat. And as for the drink, it's strawberry mojito (no homo).

1matas1: If you could choose who's going to be the fifth player in your roster, who would it be?
bondik: FalleN.

Ecstasyyy: How did you get to where you are today?
bondik: It was a long path, but I hope sincerely I won't stop with what I'm having now. I want and I'm ready to develop further!

TonyPRZ: hi, I would like to ask you 4 questions. 1 – Are you happy in HellRaisers and do you like the team? 2 – Do you think that HellRaisers will have good performance at ESL Pro League? 3 – Do you like football? If yes, what is your favorite player/team? Thanks, I'm a big fan of you!
bondik:1 — I'm satisfied with the team. 2 — We will try hard. I'm sure it's possible to get in good and effective shape. 3 – I am a fan of football. 🙂 I follow the Ukrainian Premier League and the LA League. In the UPL it's definitely my native team, Dynamo Kyiv. As for the players, I will mark Sergey Rybalka and Andrei Yarmolenko. Talking about foreign teams, it will be Barcelona and the main goalscorer is Lionel Messi. 🙂 Thank you, too. 😉

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