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Zero answered your questions

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A short while ago we posted an article, in which everyone could ask questions to our young Slovak player. We mentioned there that the questions should not necessarily have been game-themed, so it was possible to ask everything that one could wish. Today Patrik prepared answers to the most interesting questions and we're ready to publish them.

KeyToLife: Hi! Are you going to learn Russian?:) What advice can you give to those who are playing CS and studying at school and universities?
Zero: I'm not planning to study Russian at the moment, but I am learning it on the team quite well, I think. Not sure about advice but I just want to say it's not that hard, just learn how to use your time properly, because a day is long, you just have to know how to use your time.

FLINT: Do you like the team? Speaking about your teammates, whom do you speak out of the game with? Did you have idols you would like to be similar with? What would you do if esport got closed/prohibited?

Zero: I like the guys more and more over time as we get to know each other, mostly out of the game I speak with styko and oskar (in the past). My biggest idol is probably rain. I would work in the IT field probably, maybe I would be involved in some sort of game development.

Woody: Hello 😉 What teams did you play for and what emotions did you have when you got an offer from HR? What anime do you like? I think that's it, good luck in your career and remarkable wins on team HellRaisers! 
Zero: I was very excited and instantly told my family. My favorite anime would probably be Food Wars! But there are just too many that I like, it's hard to choose. Thank you!

ZoX: How did you take a fancy to anime? And why do you like it?
Zero: I just saw Naruto on TV and after some time I found out that Naruto was an anime and looked for more similar ones, eventually expanding my searches to different genres.

see0: Hello my dream is to become a pro CS go player, perhaps you've heard this many times, I try every day to become better, I play DM, MM, but I do not know if I can get noticed and invited in a pro team, while playing there. Can you tell me how did you you stand up and make it in a top team?
Zero: The main thing is to play with your friends and play a lot so that you can learn such things as communication and team work. Play lots of DM as well to improve your aim. Eventually, you will become better and better, just don't give up and follow your goals.

Sam: Hey, Zero 🙂 How were your begginings in CS. Did you play any previous versions of CS or it was only CS:GO? And what does your family think about you being a professional player?
Zero: I started playing 1.6 competitively with my brother and before that I sometimes played CS:S for fun, so I played both. They are happy about it.

KennySlav: What was the support of your family when you were becomming a CS pro player  Favorite Food ? Drink?
Zero: First there wasn't much support, but they accepted it. When I won some local tournaments, they started to support it a lot more. Probably pizza, sparkling water.

Cytic: Hi Zero, 1. When did you start playing CS and when did you become pro? 2. How did you make a name for your self on the scene and how did you get invited to HR?
Zero: I started playing CS competitively in 2012 and I think I played on the main rosters when I was 14-15, I became a pro when I was 16. I was a young kid who was putting up big numbers against the best in our scene and was beating the best teams here so they noticed me, and after my first lan I got to play in the best local team with styko.

Frosty: What was the first game you ever played?
Zero: CS was one of the first, but, it could also be DOOM or something else.

reprot: Hi, Zero! Do you think Czech and Slovak CS have a good potential to reach the top in the future? Thanks. Enjoy your day. By the way, It's my birthday! Hope you wish me a good birthday Patrik 🙂
Zero: Yep, I think we could have great teams in the future if people got their mentality and egos straight one day, but for now that's the problem, most players are too stubborn to improve. Happy birthday!

Cheer for HellRaisers!