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Creativity Contest by HellRaisers Results

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10 days ago we started a contest, the main condition of which was creative thinking of our fans. We provided three different categories such as wallpapers, fan arts and memes. Our dear fans had to bring the works associated with these themes, and then just to wait for results! Today the HellRaisers team has come together to define the coolest works!

Results (all pictures and photos are clickable)

1) The winner of the HellRaisers themed wallpapers category is Ivan Bukhlitskiy, who drew an awesome picture appraised by the players and staff of the organization. His prize is M4A1-S | Cyrex.

2) The work of Ivan Belkov is the best one in the Demotivators, memes and funny pictures about HellRaisers category. Ivan adapted the movie «Inglourious Basterds» to the realias of HellRaisers! His prize is M4A4 | Jungle Tiger

3) The winner of the Fan Art painted in graphic editors, on a paper or a wall category is Dmitriy Tushyn, who baked a HellRaisers-inspired cake! It's not only beautiful, but tasty! The prize is AWP | Boom.

We want to give our thanks to all the participants for their works and we want to announce more interesting contests coming in the future. To get the prizes, today's winners have to send an offline trade link through our VK group's private messages.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!