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HellRaisers leave Dreamhack Summer 2016

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Epsilon (10:16 @nuke, 13:16 @mirage)

The first map was Nuke, the pick of HellRaisers. However, the first pistol round was taken by the Swedes. Epsilon would rapidly increase the speed and took 9 rounds in a row. The attack of HellRaisers woke up, but our guys managed to win only 4 rounds in the first half. In defense our team didn't go that bad, though, but in a key moment STYKO didn't get enough time to defuse, and Epsilon got the 15th round. As a result, the first map ended with the score of 10:16 in the Swedish team's favor.

The second map was the choice of Epsilon. Mirage started with the confident pistol round by HellRaisers, but the Swedish five started to take a round by round again and ended the first half with the score of 12:3. It seemed as though our guys could make impossible, since such a huge gap was eventually closed. HellRaisers would fight till the end, but unfortunate mistakes became the reason of the final score — 13:16. HellRaisers leave Dreamhack Summer 2016.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!