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Failed beginning of HellRaisers.CS:GO

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 HellRaisers [7:16]  GODSENT @cobblestone

HellRaisers started their first match within DreamHack on Cobblestone, and that beginning can hardly be called successful. The Swedish five took the pistol round and confidently went on winning the following rounds. HellRaisers, though, got their first round only on the sixth try, and they didn't manage to turn the tide of the game — our guys had managed to earn only three points before the side switching.

However, on the attacking side HR started to come back into the game — they took the second pistol round and began their winning streak of four rounds. After that the Swedes won their first round and that stopped the comeback of ANGE1 and Co. 7:16 — HellRaisers fall into the lower bracket of their group.

The coverage of DreamHack Summer 2016 is available on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!