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Best shots from ESL One Cologne Qualifier LAN Final

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Our guys missstepped, but now the team needs to move on. There will be plenty of new tournaments ahead where they'll try to please the fans with a powerful play and new victories. The nearest one is DreamHack Summer 2016, which will take place at this weekend, and now enjoy the photos from the past event.

Ami and LMBT do uneasy work of the coaching staff. It's important to suppoer our captain.

A detailed analysis of mistakes and following strategies by Sergey Bezhanov.

A granitical set of Bondik has become a common attribute of our photo reports now. It looks brutal.

We do believe that Oskar will be happy soon. Dreamhack is coming! 

ANGE1 on this photo is truly focued. With great power comes great responsibility of a captain.

STYKO and his equipment.

The combat wing is in session.

The last instructions before a key match.

Ami, don't get upset! The team's play has become more serious-minded since you came, and rivals know that their matches are now examined in details.

A loss helps to find the length of foot. We're ready to continue the fight and will comeback stronger!

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Cheer for HellRaisers!