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How to get a skin in 5 mins? Everyone has a chance!

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The task of the new contest by HellRaisers is quite simple, if you are a creative person. So, there will be three different categories with different winners and, consequently, prizes: wallpapers, fan arts and memes. A participant will have to prepare works connected with these themes, design them in the stylistics of HellRaisers and upload them on our official Facebook page.

We have three different skins:

— M4A4 | Jungle Tiger
M4A1-S | Cyrex

To win the skins, participants need to publish their creative ideas on our Facebook page. You can prepare only one work for each of the following catagories:

— Wallpapers in the stylistics of HellRaisers
— Fan Art: made in graphics editors, on a piece of paper or walls with the use of a aerosol spray.
— Demotivators
, memes and funny pictures about HellRaisers

The contest's results will be provided in 10 days after its beginnng. The winners will be chosen by the players of HellRaisers! It's as fair as possible! All further information can be found on our website and social media.

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