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HellRaisers.WoT are champions of Clash Series #3

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 HellRaisers [7:2]  Explosive Team @bo13
(0:2 @Ghost Town, 2:0 @Murovanka, 2:0 @Prokhorovka, 2:0, @Cliff, 1:0 @Mines)

On the first map, Ghost Town, HellRaisers started on the attacking side. After a starting firing exchange, the speed of the game dropped, and nothing was going on the map for long three minutes. HellRaisers were the first who made a mistake — they lost a first machine in this match. After that a fire-fight around the bases, which ended in Explosive Team's favor, took place. The latter managed to implement the numerical advantage and earned the first point in this battle. The second half turned into a slaughter right from the first minutes — the teams felt free to trade on the bottom part of the map, and after two minutes of the fight they lost all the durability points, as well as a big part of tanks. Eventually, Explosive Team happened to have a one player advantage and, having prolonged the fight, got the second point on this map.

HellRaisers started Murovanka on the defensive side. After quite a slow beginning, HellRaisers managed to catch the enemy and attacked by fire a few tanks of the opponent. At the fifth minute Explosive Team decided to rush the second base, but at the entrance the entire roster literally buried itself under HellRaisers' hail of bullets. The defense of Explosive Team turned out to be weak again — right from the first seconds the team rushed into the fight, but HellRaisers easily read such a move and responded. As a result, the players of Explosive spread out and started to attack each after each. The result was a loss of almost all tanks and an expected loss. 2:2.

Prokhorovka and the defensive side for HR again. A fast frag on the first lane and capture of the rival at shifting is exactly how the game developed for HellRaisers, who in two minutes managed to get a considerable advantage. An effective counter-attack let HellRaisers take the lead in this match. HR's attack was very slow. During almost five minutes the tanks of our guys were gathering information and waiting for the rival to make a mistake. An instaneous entrance at the middle of the map, short fire-fight and one more points came to HellRaisers.

Cliff ran fast and bloody as always. HellRaisers played both sides fighting for the middle of the map. Explosive Team would definitely lose by personal skill and banally couldn't answer the agression of HellRaisers. A confident play by HR brought them two more points in this meeting.

A dot on this meeting was placed on Mines. HellRaisers started on the attacking side. A bold attack on the left lane made Explosive leave their positions. It turned out to be a fatal mistake — HellRaisers started their planned shoot-off of the rival. 7:2 — HellRaisers get the gold at Clash Series #3.

 Manager of team HellRaisers  Yury «YR» Bukharov's  comment:

«We've played an excellent tournament, having beat all the rivals with a devastating score. In the final we did let the team take a few fights though, but as for the rest the roster showed a good, smooth play. Thanks to everyone, who followed our results at this tournaments».



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Cheer for HellRaisers!