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HellRaisers.WoT to play in Clash Series #3 Grand Final

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 HellRaisers vs ​​ Explosive Team — 12.06, 19:00 CET @bo13

 HellRaisers: Neskwi, Near_You, kamaek, DYADOR, Nuclear, Grifon, applewow 

 Explosive: TAFIK, Kolins8, CTAJIuHDeN, danilsvet2, etozheLucifer, I_Cant_Sleep, MiLLLKa_Koala

Our brave tankers are breaking in a new roster at a small, but interesting tournament by Wargaming. On the road to the final HellRaisers have destroyed such teams as Project Fear, Polite people and BrainStorm, not having lost a single map to them. Our rival today is Explosive Team, and it can boast of victories over NS-NS and RoX.KIS, so the upcoming match must be rather uneasy. Our team needs to keep ourselves in shape during the entire summer period, so victories even at small tournaments are vital. Don't miss the tournament's official stream beginning at 19:00 CET.

The coverage of World of Tanks Clash Series #3 can be found on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!