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HellRaisers.CS:GO lost to G2

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 HellRaisers [8:16]  G2 Esports @dust2

HellRaisers started this match on the attacking side. The first pistol round ended in G2's favor, but a planted bomb let our team enter the fight having some devices. Under the conditions of the economic war, HellRaisers took their first round only on the sixth try, but G2 immediately responded and got the map control back in their hands.

HellRaisers switched to the defensive side at the score of 13:2 in the rival's favor. The second pistol round was taken by HellRaisers. Right in the first buy-one, though, our players made a mistake and lost in a two versus one situation. That turned out to be a fatal mistake — G2 Esports got one more round and entered a match point. HellRaisers kept fighting, but didn't manage to comeback — 16:8 in G2's favor.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!