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HellRaisers.CS:GO being victorious over Splyce

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 HellRaisers [16:9]  Splyce @Cobblestone

HellRaisers started the game on the defensive side. Having won the pistol round, they lost the following force-buy one and let the rival seize the initiative. By the middle of the first half HellRaisers had returned into the game and forced their play to the enemy. Our players had been taking the initiative before the side switching — the firstly had leveled the score and then took the lead. HellRaisers switched to the attacking side having a reserve of 9 rounds, which is more than enough for Cobblestone.

Splyce began the second half rather well and took the first two rounds, but then they were completely bowled out. HellRaisers would take their rounds and eventually entered in a match-point, which they took on the first try. 16:9 — a good game by HellRaisers,

 Coach of team HellRaisers  Sergey «LMBT»  Bezhanov's  comment:

«Although it was a difficult and kind of nervous start, we did win. See you tomorrow!»


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Cheer for HellRaisers!