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Coverage: World of Tanks Clash Series #2

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25 teams, including HellRaisers, will compete for a small, but still pleasant prize fund.


Tournament Policy

The tournament will run online from June 2-5 in the Single Elimination system. A format of all matches, expect for the final one, will be best-of-five. The last one will use bo12. In total a level of machines on a team cannot exceed 68 points.

MappoolMines, Cliff, Prokhorovka, Himmelsdorf, Ghost Town, Murovanka, Ruinberg, Steppes

Prize fund: $1500

  • 1 place — $1200
  • 2 place — $300

Match schedule (CET) and Results:

 HellRaisers [1:3]  CHESS @bo5

The tournament's bracket is available on the organizer's website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!