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HellRaisers in Numbers: Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk

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HellRaisers are saving their strength and getting ready for upcoming games. While the guys are being busy with the training process, we suggest you examining the player who has recently joined HellRaisers Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk.

And now let's proceed to the numbers:

  • For his CS:GO career Vladislav has played 13155 rounds on 510 maps.
  • He's done away with 9501 rivals, while bondik himself died only 8818 times. Vladislav's headshot rate is 46,3%.
  • Bondik's rating is 1,05. He's the second one by performance on our team — only Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný has better results.
  • On average he gets 72 kills and 14 assists per 100 rounds.
  • Vladislav has got 1170 open frags!
  • Under bondik's belt there are 514 triple kills and 98 ultra kills!
  • In official matches Vladislav destroyed the entire team by himself 8 times.

  • The best match of bondik in the roster of HellRaisers was the game against Gambit within the qualifiers for SL i-League Invitational. That very match ended with the 2,24 rating for Vladislav.
  • The favorite weapon of Vladislav is АК 47 with which he's got 4041 kills, while the second place is taken by M4 with 2355 frags.
  • The best pistol of bondik is USP. He's sent into eternity 448 enemies.
  • Sniper rifles aren't the favorite weapons of Vladislav. He's got 76 frags with the AWP. As a comparison, a hand-grenade killed 102 enemies.
  • During his career Vladislav has been 177 times in 1 vs 1 situations, 116 of which ended in his favor. Indeed, he's won 59 1 vs 2 rounds, 17 1 vs 3 ones and one time turned out to be against four rivals at once.

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