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HellRaisers Life is Real: Episode Seven

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May turned out to full of important LAN tournaments for our CS:GO team, but ANGE1 and Co. did make a time to take pictures, which were later posted on their social networks.

You can hardly find Kirill's photos on Instagram without beautiful girls.

«Girls from csgoskinny.com support us even when we lose:D», — wrote Kirill.

Our captain knows how to be a successful man:

«I think the shirt and beautiful girl beautify me)».

As we've already said, May turned out to be busy and tough, but Zero isn't going to show his weariness on his facebook.

«I enjoy classical 12 hour trip:> But, luckily, today it'll take only 3 hours to get to ESEA» — commented Patrik.

While Zero was making in to England, bondik was having a rest on the Indian Ocean and gathering strength for the important Minor qualifiers.

And here's the picture from Kiev SL i-League Invitational. Vladislav would cheerfully please his fans with an opportunity to take a photo.

On the way from Tours to Kiev STYKO managed not only to put up at Paris with his girlfriend, but also to share this awesome picture on his facebook:

Our Czech Tomáš managed to have a lounge in early May:

«It may be the last time for me to have a rest today…» — complained oskar on his facebook.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!