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Best shots from SL i-League Invitational LAN Finals

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The SL i-League Invitational LAN Finals took place on May 19-22 in the honored city of Kiev. Yes, our team took only the 5-6th place, but memories about meetings with native fans, and also the first experience of playing in such a huge stadium will be remembered for a long time. Photos taken by the SLTV and hltv.org studios perfectly express the spirit of the esports event, so enjoy watching!

Bondik had been drawing the fans to the stadium before the official games began.

Sergey Bezhanov is the coach of our team. His difficult and time consuming work requires a lot of energy, but LMBT pulls out all the stops for the result — all emotions are for keeping the players' confidence.

An inspiring seating of Bondik.

How often do you see oskar smiling? Usually our sniper is focused as much as possible, but the stadium's atmosphere and the grandstand's support did make the Czech smile.

The way the teams came up was truly pompous. It was such a pleasure to watch the energy coming from the Kiev public.

Bondik would demonstrate confidence in both his personal strength and the team's moral.

After a match you can discuss some highlights.

Such a warm welcome did inspire our team, but a game is a game. Next time you'll see us being stronger.

See you, «Olimpiyskiy»!

Cheer for HellRaisers!