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HellRaisers to open SL i-League Invitational LAN Finals

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Photo from HLTV.org

 HellRaisers vs  SK Gaming — 19.05, 09:00 CET @bo3

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, oskar, STYKO, Zero, bondik

 SK Gaming: AcilioN, Friis, MODDII, Magiskb0Y, Pimp

So, the long-awaited matches the SL i-League Invitational LAN Finals are about to take place in the NSK Olympiyskiy stadium. In the first match of the tournament we'll have to go up against our offender from CEVO Gfinity Pro League Season 9 — SK Gaming. In the semi-final match then we lost to the Danes on three maps — 10:16 on Dust2, 14:16 on Overpass и 3:16 on Сobblestone. The loss was more than just disappointing, since HellRaisers had never lost to SK Gaming before. ANGE1 and Co. seem to have learned a lesson and will do their best against the representatives of Denmark. The first match day will run behind closed doors, but your support on SLTV's stream will definitely instill confidence in our guys!

On our website there's the coverage of SL i-League Invitational LAN Finals.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!