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HellRaisers are Runner-Up of DH Tours 2016

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  Orbit Gaming @bo3

( 10:16 @dust2, 16:3 @cache, 16:5 @mirage)

On the first map HellRaisers took both the tough pistol round and the first buy one. Then our team started to take the lead in the first half thanks to oskar, who was showing a fantastic shooting. However, Orbit did pull themselves together and gave fight to HellRaisers. The first half ended with the score of 8:7. The second one started with the defensive side for HellRaisers. The pistol round was taken by our guys again, but the Bulgarians went on developing their game, took the lead and won the first map.

HR started the second map on the attacking side. Having taken starting rounds, our team started to push its rival and beat the Bulgerians in key moments. Such moves let HR have more than just a comfortable score in the first half — 12:3. After the side switching HellRaisers condifently finished off the rival on its pick with the score of 16:3 and entered upon actions on the third, decisive map.

HellRaisers started the decider with the attacking side again. They took another pistol round and a few following rounds, too. The Ukrainian part of the team got an unbilieveble clutch round, after which it was seen that the Bulgarians needed a break. The pause, though, didn't change the outcome of the first half, which ended with the score of 11:4. The second half was carried on with the confident pistol round, which was followed by the not less ambitious for HellRaisers first buy round. Our guys brought the scoreline to 15:4 and confidently did away with the opponent.

HellRaisers made it into the tournament's grand final, and, which is the most important, into the final qualifiers for ESL One Cologne 2016!

 HellRasiers [1:2 Team Dignitas @bo3
16:13 @dust2, 8:16 @mirage, 7:16 @overpass)

The first map was Dust 2, HellRaisers' pick, which they started on the attacking side. The entire first half was full of round exchanges. Either side wouldn't manage to get a considerable advantage, but both teams performed their best. Closer to the side switching Team Dignitas found a nerve to show a good defense, and Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný even got an ace. 16:13 — not without difficulty, HellRaisers took the first map,  

The second map was Mirage where our team started in attack again. Having taken the first pistol round, HellRaisers developed their advantage and got three more points. In the fifth round, however, the Danish team found its play and started to reply, too. In a little while Team Dignitas took the lead themselves, though HR still had six rounds under their belt, which is thought to be a good result for the attacking side on Mirage. The team switched the sides again at the score of 9:6 in Dignitas' favor. HellRaisers' play on the defensive side didn't run well — they didn't manage to force the rival their speed of the game, which led to Team Dignitas getting the advantage and entering a match point, which they took on the second try. 16:8 in the Danish team's favor.

HellRaisers started the decider, Overpass, on the defensive side. The first pistol round ended in Team Dignitas' favor. Having seized the initiative, the Danes started to take the rounds. The players of HellRaisers hadn't managed to turn the tide of the game before the side switching, which took place at the score of 11:4 in Team Dignitas' favor. A victory in the second pistol round was vital for HellRaisers, and they didn't make a bad shot. Although HellRaisers returned the chances for a comeback, they didn't get back into the game. 16:7 in Team Dignitas' favor, HellRaisers take the second place at the tournament, but get a ticket to the qualifiers for the next major tournament.

 Coach of team HellRaisers  Sergey «LMBT»  Bezhanov's  comment:

«We're happy to have made it, and it's good that the preparation we had turned out to be enough. Unfortunately, we couldn't practice enough due to a big number of tournaments. After the tournament in Kiev we'll finally come to working and training for the qualifiers for the Major. And Dignitas are still our kryptonite».

The coverage of DreamHack Tours 2016 is available at this link.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!