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HellRaisers.CS:GO lost to Orbit

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Photo from HLTV.org

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Orbit Gaming @bo3
4:16 @dust2, 10:16 @cache)

The fitst map was Dust 2 where HellRaisers started in attack. They took the first pistol round, but right after that lost the initiative and following six rounds. Then, HR pulled themsevles together and started to go back into the game. The side switching ran with the score of 10:5 in Orbit's favor. In the second half HellRaisers forced their game and after a while took the lead. Nevertheless, the teams were fighting until the end — 30 rounds were needed to find the strongest one. As a result, the first map was taken by Orbit who ended Dust 2 with the score of 16:14.

Cache happened to be the second map. HellRaisers started in defense and showed quite a weak play. Orbit's attack, on the contrary, was rather active. The Bulgarian five would manage to shatter HellRaisers' defense again and again. Only at the end of the first half HR found the right strategy, but it was too late. The side switching took place with the score of 10:5 in Orbit's favor. In the second half HellRaisers tried to comeback and took a few important rounds, but Orbit saved the map control. After a small round exchange the Bulgarian team came to a match point and took it. 16:10 in Orbit's favor, while HellRaisers will have to play one more match today, this time in the lower bracket's final.

 Captain of team HellRaisers  Kirill «ANGE1»    Karasiev's comment:

«What a subdued game it was. We lost lost of clutches we must have taken. I want to apologize for my play in the first place. My mouse's been living its own life for these two days. The sensor is lagging all the time. At the exhibition only ROCCAT mice are sold and none of the players have the one I need. Now I've 2-3 hours of spare time and I've found already a mouse which is kind of similar to mine and I'll spend the next couple of hours to get used to it».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!