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HellRaisers.WoT are champions of Razer Arena

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 HellRaisers [3:0]  NSS @bo5
(2:0 @Ruinberg, 1:0 @Steppes)

Our team reached the final from the lower bracket, and it meant HellRaisers had to win two matches, while the rival needed to win only once. The first map was Ruinberg, where our team started in attack. Not overthinking, HR went to attack one of the bases and made the rival leave its position. However, our team didn't manage to take the attack through — NSS managed to knock out the points, and then started a long fire-fight themselves, as a result of which two tanks of HR went up against one of NSS. HellRaisers finished off the last enemy and got the first point in this meeting. On the defense side HR were showing a good map control — the team rather radpily took needed positions and started to shoot off the opponent. NSS didn't managed to reply. 2:0.

On Steppes the battle started with a fast minus by HellRaisers in the middle of the map. After that the tanks of NSS went upon the first flank, though it didn't bring them the targeted result — HR met the rival, being fully armed, and, after a small tank exchange, won the third round in a row. 3:0 — a victory in the first match came to our guys.

 HellRaisers [3:2]  NSS @bo5
(1:1 @Ruinberg, 1:1 @Cliff, 1:0 @Mines)

By the time the second match started NSS had solves their problems with the roster — almost the entire first match NSS had only six people playing. The first map was Ruinberg again. This time HR started in defense. The events took place in two places at once — a part of the players started a fight in the houses in the middle of the map, while the rest began a fire-fight in the city. After the first firing, both teams had only three tanks left, but HR had also the durability advantage, which they skilfully implemented. On the attack side our team wasn't lucky — having placed a bet on artillery, HellRaisers didn't manage to implement it to the full, due to which they lost the initiative and the second half. 1:1

The second map was Cliff. HellRaisers started on the defense side. Both teams decided to leave the hill alone and started a fight on the left side of the map. HellRaisers' players turned out to be stronger than the rival in a simple fire-fight, so they easily took that round. However, the attack side didn't go well, again — due to misunderstanding between the players HellRaisers didn't manage to take necessary positions in time and found themselves in quite a bad situation. They might have been saved by a rival's mistake only, but NSS performed flawlessly and leveled the score.

Everything was decided on Mines, where our seven played in defense. They managed to read the opponent's plan and to send one of the tanks rearwards. Thanks to this move the players of NSS happened to be closed in the middle of the map and began to lose their tanks. Nevertheless, they tried hard to resist, but, eventually, everything led to a common 2 vs 1 situation. A tidy shot of HellRaisers set on fire the last tank of the rival, and in that fire all NSS' hopes for a victory were burned, too. 3:2 — HellRaisers take the first place at the tournament.

 Manager of team HellRaisers  Yury «YR» Bukharov's  comment:

«It was a small but interesting tournament. We were surprised by team NS-NS that had just reached the Golden Series, but showed a good game at this tournament. And of course it was interesting to play a few matches with one of our main rivals in the Golden Series, the NSS team. Thanks to all fans and a special thanks to Razor for making this tournament».



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Cheer for HellRaisers!