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HellRaisers.WoT reached Razer Arena Pro Series Grand Final

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HellRaisers [3:2]  NS-NS @bo5
(1:1 @Mines, 1:1 @Cliff, 1:0 @Prokhorovka)

The first map was Mines, where HellRaisers started in defense. Having chosen a balanced set-up, our played decided to focus on a map control — they took the middle and space around the hill, then they started to put pressure on the rival. Confident and calm moves brought them a victory. The attack turned out to be rather interesting — on the one hand, HellRaisers showed a good strategy, on the other hand they made a mistake after realization of the tactic. The rival managed to catch our guys making a mistake and leveled the score on the first map.

Cliff ran in the classic manner — it was fast and clear. In defense HR seizded the contol over the hill, then started a fire-fight, taking good positions. Closer to the end of the first half NS-NS decided to return into the game, but it didn't bring the targeted result. In attack our team was ambushed in the middle of the map and lost the initiative in the first seconds of the game. Having lost the numerical advantage, HellRaisers took off their positions and didn't manage to come back into the game. 2:2.

Prokhorovka, the defense side. NS-NS decided to play with the rushing strategy — the team swept through the entire map, trying to defend. The players of HellRaisers immediately read that move, and their victory in that match was just a question of time. A few quality shots returned HR their numeral advantage and brought them a victory.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!