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HellRaisers.WoT one footstep away from the final

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 HellRaisers vs  NS-NS — 24.04, 16:00 CET @bo5

 HellRaisers: Neskwi, Near_You, lolwo, DYADOR, Nuclear, Grifon, applewow 
 NS-NS: RurBUm, Toshego, Zafarc41k, h20_makson, Quadman, 5corp,  Server76

Our team has a very important meeting today, since the victory will allow not only to reach the grand final, but to get own back at NSS — the offenders we met in the final of the upper bracket, but first our buys will have to deal with not less dangerous rival, which will be known after the NS-NS versus Kung-Fu meeting.

We've already met Kung-Fu at this tournament. A victory then turned out to be quite easy — 2:0 on Ruinberg and 1:0 on Steppes. However, we haven't dealt with NS-NS yet. We'll see what the opponent can show us today, since everyone wants to get at least $2,000, which means we'll be able to see spectacular battles! Join Near_You's stream and feel the atmosphere of the high level team play.

You can find the coverage of this tournament on our website.

Cheer for HellRaisers!