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HellRaisers.WoT falling to lower bracket

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 HellRaisers [3:2]  Arcade @bo5
@Mines, 2:0 @Cliff, 1:0 @Prokhorovka)

The first map of this match day was Mines. HellRaisers started on the defense side. The plan was clear — a part of the tanks had to get to the hill, while the other part had to start a fire-fight in the middle of the map. Unfortunately, the players faced some misunderstanding, due to which the rival managed to steal the initiative in the middle of the map and to end the round with his victory. In attack the players of HR decided to play aggressively, but it didn't work out for them again — having taken the control over a bigger part of the map, HellRaisers didn't manage to keep all the positions and lost.

Cliff was spectacular and fast, as always. Massive fire-fights in the middle of the map and fights for the hill had already become something common, and the level of HellRaisers' play on this map was always high, so a double victory here was expected and this fact could have hardly surprised anybody. 

Prokhorovka was a decisive map. HellRaisers forced the rival a fire-fight at the alley, but the players of Arcade were ready for such a turn of events and at some point took the lead by the number of tanks. However, a skillful play by HR brought a victory to our team, again.

 HellRaisers [3:0]  7Plays @bo5
(2:0 @Prokhorovka, 1:0 @Himmelsdorf)

And Prokhorovka again. HellRaisers started in attack and rapidly passed through the alley. The rival's tanks tried to make a counter-attack, but that move had been read, and almost the entire roster of 7Plays lost all their tanks. Having found themselves being in the minority, 7Plays didn't manage to come back into the game and lost the first round. The defense side followed the same scenario — HellRaisers played it in a quite common for them manner, while 7Plays decided to surprise the rival and attacked two flanks at once, but all ended up with a catastrophe. 2:0 on the first map.

HR's attack on Himmelsdorf turned out to be hasteless. The team spent a lot of time for exploring and setting the control over the map. Having gathered all needed information, HellRaisers started to attack and rather rapidly pushed the matter through.

 HellRaisers [2:3]  NSS @bo5
1:1 @Ghost Town, 1:1@Murovanka, 0:1 @Ruinberg)

In the last match of this match day HellRaisers started on the defense side on Ghost Town. The players decided not to take a risk and focus on good positions and artillery. Such an approach brought the result — NSS's attack went all to pieces. In defense HR did comparatively well — after a series of exchanges the next situation occurred on the map: 2 tanks of HellRaisers had to go up against one tank of NSS. It seemed to be a 100% victory, but one serious mistake and absence of a teamwork cost HR a point in this round. 

On Murovanka HR played quite aggressively — the team got a fast and rough set-up, and right from the first seconds started to put pressure on the rival. Nevertheless, the players of NSS were ready for such a turn of events and took the rival's rush rather well. HellRaisers didn't manage to regroup and lost the first round. The second one recalled the attack on Ghost Town — HR were in the majority again, but this time played more calmly and without any problems ended the second half with their victory.

The decider ran on Ruinberg. While NSS were moving on the first flank, the ranks of HR split up — a part remained on their positions, while the others tried to get in the rear of the rival. NSS managed to push the middle of the map and thus destroyed the defense of HellRaisers, whose standing behind tanks didn't manage to implement themselves to the full. As a result, a loss on the desicive map, and it means that tomorrow our guys will be getting through the lower bracket to the final of the tournament.

 Manager of team HellRaisers  Yury «YR» Bukharov's comment:

«Today we've played well, though the first match ran not that good (a ten-day break had its impact), but then we warmed up and started to play our game. We had an interesting match with NSS, it was close, but 22sr. lived up to its reputation as an unpredictable tank and helped the NSS team take the attack on the Tie Break».



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Cheer for HellRaisers!